What are the prices of web hosts ?

As someone who’s looking to launch your own website, you’re probably searching for the cheapest web host. However, you must be cautious not to base your choice solely on that aspect. With that being said, let’s get into the average prices of web hosts. What should you keep in mind to choose the right web

What is a web host ?

A web host is a service provider that stores all what you need to get your website to work. But all web hosts don’t offer the same services and you can choose the way your data is stored. The definition of a web host A web host is a service provider that gives you all

What are the steps before hosting your website ?

There’s nothing complicated about hosting a website but defining your needs and understanding the different types of web hosts are essential prerequisites if you want to get the result you pictured. Having your own domain name That might sound as an obvious fact but if you want to create your own website then it must

How to become a web host?

Nowadays, there are countless web hosts with very different offers so, entering this universe is far from easy. But nothing’s insurmountable if you have a clear idea of what you want to offer and who you’re targeting. Choose the type of web host you want to be First of all, you must ask yourself which

What are the different web hosting providers?

There are countless web hosting providers especially in the field of shared hosting which the best way to get started in website creation. You might understandably feel lost in the ocean of web hosting offers out there but we’re here to help you see things more clearly. Why is it necessary for you to turn