What are the prices of web hosts ?

As someone who’s looking to launch your own website, you’re probably searching for the cheapest web host. However, you must be cautious not to base your choice solely on that aspect. With that being said, let’s get into the average prices of web hosts.

What should you keep in mind to choose the right web host?

One common mistake among newbies in the universe of web hosts is to think that the most well-known web hosts are necessarily the best. But opting for the most famous web hosts often goes together with paying a higher price without always having the result you envisioned. iPage and Wix are quite good examples of that discrepancy. With an initial price of 1.99 dollars/month, iPage offers all what you could ask for to create an ergonomic and responsive website.

On the other hand, a lot of web hosts display incredibly low prices at the beginning just to lure you but as time goes by, the prices start to increase disproportionately. Another important thing to focus on is the reliability of the web hosts. Ask yourself the right questions like whether communication with the web host is easy or whether they’re transparent about their services.

One last advice we want to give you is considering other options including websites builders. On that matter, WordPress truly stands out from other websites builders. Before turning to a web host, you must have a clear picture of what you want the structure of your website to be like.

Some trustworthy web hosts and their prices

We’ve selected some web hosts that have skillfully combined attractive prices with tons of interesting features:

  • A2Hosting.com: With a starting price of 3.99 dollars/month, the least that we can say is that this web host is not overly expensive. Nevertheless, it offers a lot of interesting features, particularly in the fields of security and speed of navigation. The fact that if can offer unlimited email addresses and databases must also be highlighted.
  • InMotion: InMotion is rightfully considered as the best web host out there by many experts. The fact that it has been present in the market of web hosting just proves how reliable it is. Its most basic offer is at 3.99 dollars/month and you’ll have to pay 13.99 dollars/month to upgrade to its Pro offer.
  • HostGator: This certainly is one of the best deals you can get from a web host. First, it is far from costly but most importantly, even its most basic offer (2.64 dollars/month) has no restrictions regarding bandwidth and disk space. In addition to that, the availability of the tech support is very appreciable.
  • Weebly: Its main advantage lies in the fact that its most basic offer is free, though, we must admit that it doesn’t really meet the requirements of an e-commerce website. You’ll have to pay more or less small amounts of money if you want to access to a wide range of features that can help you manage your web store like SEO options and inventory management.

You can still resort to some of the web hosting giants like Amazon and Google if you want to enjoy all-encompassing web services but there’s a noticeable difference in prices between the latter and the aforementioned web hosts. For example, the most basic Amazon web hosting service is at 77 dollars/month.