What are the different web hosting providers?

There are countless web hosting providers especially in the field of shared hosting which the best way to get started in website creation. You might understandably feel lost in the ocean of web hosting offers out there but we’re here to help you see things more clearly.

Why is it necessary for you to turn to a web hosting provider?

Nowadays, there are greater chances for people to discover a new store or new products through the internet than by any other means. Having your own website is the best way to get your products discovered since people are more likely to look for a product or a store using a search engine. Since it can take a lot of time and money to create your website from scratch, the best solution is to assign this task to a well-established web host. This way, you’ll be able to focus on managing your brand.

The different types of web hosting providers

  • Shared hosting: if you choose this web hosting option, then you’ll share a server with other users of the web hosting provider. The main advantage you’ll get from this option is its cost which is paltry when compared with other options. However, it can be terrible at handling changes in traffic.
  • VPS hosting: in this option, the basic principle is pretty much the same that the one of the previous option. Websites are hosted in the same server but they aren’t as numerous as in shared hosting. Therefore, problems regarding security and traffic are far less likely to occur.
  • Dedicated hosting: with this option, your website will be hosted on a server that is dedicated to you thus causing even less problems than the previous option.
  • Cloud hosting: this option is especially good at handling traffic variations and huge amounts of data.

What factors can help you evaluate a web hosting provider?

  • Uptime: this certainly is the most important factor when choosing a web host. It defines the ability of a web hosting provider to keep your website accessible at any time of the day. The uptime of a web hosting provider should never be under 99% but rest assured, most of web hosting providers reach that threshold.
  • Email hosting: we probably wouldn’t say anything new if we told you that emails are a great communication tool. A lot of web hosting providers if not all of them offer this service but while the number of email accounts that can be created with some service providers is unlimited, others offer a restricted number of email accounts.
  • Load time: we’re living in an age where everyone wants to get everything as fast as possible. That’s way you need a website that loads fast and offers a pleasant user experience. Numbers show that faster websites have better conversion rates whereas a slow-loading website is the best way to divert visitors from your products.
  • Security: a good web hosting provider should be able to counter various attacks like spams and malwares.
  • Marketing: if you’re using your website to display your products then it is more than important for you to get some help growing your brand. A good web hosting provider should be able to provide you with email marketing tools and help you develop your SEO strategy. But you’re not obliged to take this aspect into consideration since you still have the possibility to use an independent eCommerce software.

What are the best web hosting providers?

  • Dreamhost: the shared hosting offer of this web hosting provider is very inexpensive and has very effective security tools and an easy-to-use website builder. Dreamhost has also a lot to offer regarding cloud hosting. However Windows lovers are going to be disappointed by this service provider.
  • HostGator: this service provider has definitely played the variety card offering a wide range of plans that could satisfy newbies and experienced webmasters alike. Its main qualities are its excellent uptime and its intuitive website builder.
  • FatCow: this web hosting provider has earned his place in this selection thanks to its very good support, uptime and the numerous plans it offers. However, it only has Linux-based servers.
  • GoDaddy: Windows and Linux fans have a good chance of liking this web host. This service provider has one of the cheapest shared hosting offers. However, there’s no cloud hosting and it still has a lot of progress to do regarding email plans.
  • Accu web hosting: this one might satisfy you if you’re looking for a dedicated hosting plan and a service provider that has both Linux and Windows servers.