What is a web host ?

A web host is a service provider that stores all what you need to get your website to work. But all web hosts don’t offer the same services and you can choose the way your data is stored.

The definition of a web host

A web host is a service provider that gives you all the necessary technologies that allow your website to be seen by visitors. All what is required for visitors to be able to see the content of your website is stored in a server. When a user types the name of your website, his computer will automatically be directed to the server in which your website and its data are stored. Servers are located in a datacenter where every effort is being made to enable them to work properly. The percentage of time during which the server is functioning is called uptime.

In addition to that, web hosts often offer multiple other services like email hosting, website building, SEO and customer support when facing technical problems. Depending on the size of your website and the hosting plan you’ve chosen, the price of web hosting can range from less than 10 dollars/month to more than 70 dollars/month.

How to select the right web host?

The first thing you need to do is to analyse your needs. What are the services you need? What kind of web hosting is the most suitable for your website? How much are you willing to pay to get your website hosted? You also need to know the characteristics of the different types of web hosting. Shared hosting and VPS hosting are two web hosting plans that can be suitable for small websites. Otherwise, you should opt for dedicated hosting or cloud hosting. If you’re running a business, it could be convenient for you to select a web hosting provider that offers management-related services like inventory management and marketing emailing.

As to the technologies that are required to allow your website to work, some of them are related to Windows and others to Linux. So, if you have a clear idea of the softwares and programming languages you want to use for your website, you should make sure they’re supported by the web host that has grabbed your attention. It is also important to make sure that a host offers website building if you don’t have sufficient knowledge in this area.